Turbo kit thread

Me too! This was such a busy site back in the day and while still fairly active, fortunately, it would only take a half a day and your post would be two pages back. Lots of innovation, ideas and good ole BS'ing each other. We've lost some good original members too over the years. Pektel "Pete" and RollinLS. John Blasigame both R.I.P.

I haven't logged in in awhile but still frequent the site from time to time! Still have my '02 LSE now at 235K miles after 11 years. Wonder whatever happened to Alax 7's car??

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I hope he got it running too!
I did see a rear mounted turbo setup for the LS that did work. But again it was taken apart after a short while and the parts sold off. So not sure how well it worked?

Yes a number of cool LS mods!

Here is a slick SC Thunderbird setup. Not sure what engine that is but I think it's a 3.9L with the Jaguar SC on top?

T-Bird SC 3.9L.jpg

Now Ford did have a Mclaren show car that was never released either?

Here is the SC engine compartment and it sure looks stock like even production ready?

Mclaren LS2.jpg

Car was not wild looking or anything either?

Lincoln LS Mclaren.jpg

The One Lap of America car was a hack put together very quickly by the factory Engineers.

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