Trunk Modification

benet00 said:
OK, I would love to know how the rear deck lid modification is going. Look here...

Is this already done? Are these pics computer generated? If this is real I would love to know how you did it.

Ken's handle on this board is GrayGhost1 - as far as I know - he has not done anything yet - but has aquired an extra trunk lid and hood to start modding away....
It is precisely the same photo in each variation...same position...same reflections. Yes, I would say it's safe to assume they're photoshoped on the computer.
Yep, that's my car. I'm trying to get some ideas on mods for my car. The second to the last rendition is QuikLS's photo. He did one up for me. It's the best out of the bunch.

I'm still undecided on which to do or something totally different. I have a brand new trunk in my garage awaiting my decision. Also, I'm thinking of doing something with the hood too. Decisions, Decisions.... Here are all of the photoshopped pics:





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