Top 5 Problems For Ls

look like coils to me..

thet best decision you can make right now is to purchase the 8 coils from five star ford--> because you can get the coils super cheap there. i suggest not getting a one off coil brand - stick with oem - but its your decision. you can get all the stuff you need on five star ford, give them a call or pm a vendor..
You guys forgot the most obvous problem..........The dealerships!

Friday the window regulator on the front passenger side gave out (124k). This morning I take the car to the dealership and they offer to change my upper and lower control arms front and back for $4k. How nice of them. They do need to be changed but at that cost? I think it's a fair dealership, but they do everything at retail and charge labor based on projects and not by the hour. Ex. Air conditioner took them less than 1.5 hours - cost me $1k to replace. I asked the sales person about the labor rates, she said the labor was based on the project not by the hour.

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