Thinking about an Eldorado


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Dec 16, 2011
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I currently have a 1995 Mark VIII, but I'm thinking about switching to an Eldorado. The main reason is for the trunk. I can't fit my speaker cabinet in the Lincoln trunk...

What are the years to stay away from?

What are common problems?

Pro's an Con's?

Who had Wheaties for breakfast?

Thanks for the input...

(Will have some Mark VIII parts up for sale when I do)

What are the years to stay away from?

All but if you are going to buy one, go with 2000+ models as they revised some components on the Northstar engine.

What are common problems?

Head gaskets

Pro's an Con's?

Cons: Engine sucks, FWD

Pros: TRUNK SPACE!!!!!:p
You want to switch car's all for a speaker box? You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Imho, eldo's have a better ext then marks but their engine is a huge pile of shit. I would've bought one had somebody not had a catastrophic brain fart when designing it's engine.
Perhaps I was not clear...

I need the extra trunk space for my speaker cabinet for my bass guitar. I will be using it to transport me and my gear to gigs pretty much every weekend. Squeezing it into the back seat of the Mark VIII is a pain in the keister.

The Mark is becoming problematic so I'm looking for something for with fewer miles, etc...

Mark 0101 is right the yrs 2000+ have better v8s but If you are a true Lincoln lover try the Town car they have a hugh trunk but the turning radius is kinda large.
town car.
rwd > fwd
4.6 mod motor > northstar
plus a well maintained one will last like 400k. taxis do it quite often.
I had a 1999 eldorado for a few years. Got it in 2002 with low miles and only put 7 thousand miles during the time I had that stone around my neck. Everything that people complain about on these cars went wrong despite the mileage and great condition it was in.
I've owned alot of upper end coupes over the years and it was the most unreliable out of the bunch. That being said I still have a Mark Viii now and would never buy that model caddy again
Personally I'd go with a 1992 Eldo TC or 93 SC with the 4.9, Fewer ponies than the N* but they are bullet proof. The big con is higher millage but as long as you get a well maintained model and take care of it you'll be good.

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