thinking about a move to an ls

Do not buy one if you plan on getting repairs done at some point, cuz my repairs had been handled by a ford dealer and look and what they passed off on mine.. the fk's. So i will not buy ford again, i have been dicked around for the past 4 months... says alot about ford and fords service centers.

I did love and enjoy my LS.. but look what they did to the poor thing.

Carrosserie Groupe Gabriel Ford Part 1 of 5

and of course i made this one all in good fun.. lol
Lincoln Thrill Me Right
yup. definitely navy blue. dark navy blue. looks good when clean, but holds dirt and water spots like a mother...
Great car, buy one, make sure you get extended warranty. Some of these are are messed up before 100,000 miles, but after 100 they are a gem.
dont get a V8 if you plan on spending a lot of money on gas, specially with the gas prices now at days, if i would of known this i would of gone with a 6 instead of an 8. Mines is For Sale 02 V8 with 60,000 miles for 14,000 black on black, let me know.
guy i greatly appreciate all the info again. and yeah it was a '04 LSE. but they had an '03 there too. i was there for about 2hours trying to make a good deal. good deal being they give more on the navi. but all they wanted to give was 9,700 for it which would leave me with alil over 5,000. not where i wanted to be. if they would come with maybe 2,000 more then i can see it. they wanted 19,900 for it, with 33,000 miles. got them to come down to awhole whooping 18,700. after several denies on both me and the finance department i left. i hope that today the salesman will call and tell me to come back and hopefully give a better deal. i really dont think anyone at the used lot knows what they have. thats why im trying to get them to come down some more. anyhow both the '03 and '04 both are sitting in the back lot behind the used navi's and next to the conti's. to me they might be there for a minute. so i can wait.

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