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Aug 6, 2005
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bardstown KY
I need the wiring color diagram for a 2000 ls subwoofer. I have the sub plug in my trunk, but dont know what wires go where. I have a set of 12 MTX subs that I want to connect.
The trunk connector (on the drivers side) is number C465 and the sub audio uses these pins:
1 = yellow/red: switched hot
3 = shield for low level audio signal
5 = red: constant power from battery junction box fuse F418 (20 amps)
7 = white/red: low level LEFT audio signal
8 = grey/red: low level RIGHT audio signal
Better make sure taht your radio is wired for the amp plug out to the rear. I ran into this problem thinking that I could just plug in theamp to that plug in the rearand found that I didn't have any connectionn at the back of the radio. So I had to buy a plug and run wires to the back.
I took out my 00 HU an the connection has been cut. I have a 04 CD6. I installed the 04 and everything works fine (steering whl controls, lights, CD player, everything) except no bass. I have the harness plug from a 04, but the colors dont match. And how do I connect the subwoofer plug to my Kenwood amp (low level inputs)? Is this even possible? It has worked so far...

The 04 has
white/red grey/red with shielded x 2

my car 00
black/white - grey/black taped together
grey/orange - white/green with shielded

I just need to know what wire goes to where?

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