Starting a Procharger build, have some ?s

Lincoln Mark VIII Performance

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    Feb 11, 2021
    Hi, I'm the proud new owner of a clean low mile 97 Mark viii and plan on putting my Procharger from a 99 Cobra on. Anybody know if there are any issues putting this on a 97 Mark? The bracket is for a "96-99 cobra" with a three bolt tensioner which is what is on the Mark so I assume it would bolt up? Also is there a particular aftermarket fuel pump that works best? Would a Terminator tank/pump work or no? Are there any unpleasant surprises I'm probably going to run into? I noticed the bottom front driver side of the engine bay seems like a clusterfuck to run piping for a FMIC through; am I gonna need to run a smaller radiator or anything? Thanks




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