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Jul 6, 2019
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East Tennessee
So I got the stereo situation squared away a while back and at the time I noticed it wasn't balanced, like the audio would fade in and out. Well my wife comes home from work a couple days ago and tells me she thinks the stereo is broken or something, I head out sync my phone with the head unit and all but the driver side door speakers are dead I double checked with my multimeter even, so here's the rub I need the speaker sizes I really don't want to pull the door panel more times than I need to. I plan on replacing all with some rockford fosgate either the punch series or the prime series.
Aren't they 6x8"? I put 5X7 in my 95 mark and there was no problem.
I’m not 100% sure, but 6x8 is a standard for Ford. Based on what I’ve read, they should be the same.
I'd have to agree with you the big ones are more than likely 6×8. But what about the round ones?
I used MDF rings for 6.5" speakers and bolten them onto the 5x7 hole and then put 6.5"s in it.
Super easy and gives you lots of room backwards because the ring will space them out = space for thick speakers.
Do you need any original stereo equipment for a Mark VIII? I have 2 factory radio's, both have CD slots for one CD at a time. I also have 2 factory amplifiers.
I'm good on that front I appreciate it, I've got a gen 2 with the jbl system and am in the process of updating the whole audio system, I've got a halfway decent pioneer head unit and I'm trying to get a handle on the speaker sizes for now. Eventually I'll get a good amp and rewire the whole thing at the same time.
I used Kicker 6X8 in the rear and JL Audio 5X7 in the front doors. Either one of those sizes works fine for the front or rear.
Awesome because I have two sets of Rockford Fosgate punch 6x8's in my amazon cart. What about those round ones they look way smaller than a 3.5 maybe a 1.5" or a 1" tweeter?
Some have installed the small tweeters up in the pillars, and some have taken out the factory tweeters in the upper door panels, and replaced those. I can't remember what size that hole is in the upper door, but if you have it, it's a good spot. If your car came with the JBL Premium system, then it will have the tweeters in the doors. The rear small holes are the same size but when someone goes with a 6X8 back there, they normally don't use the little one. If they install components, then they'll use that one. There used to be all kinds of write ups on that stuff on here.
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10 pages of write-ups with no specific sizes, yea I've got the JBL i know Rockford Fosgate makes great tweeters so I might as well replace both tweeters with a good set its one less thing to worry about in the future lol

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