soooo i got a question......


Apr 12, 2005
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northern illinois
wife has been wanting a fish tank for some time. i finally folded 2 weeks ago and we got a lil oscar, so far the cats have been ok with it but lately they finally realized there is something in there, well we gotta go to a wedding and wont be around for a bit. i was thinking if i just put cardboard around the tank to they cant see in it should be ok. but the wife was saying that might be bad for the fish? anyone heard of anything like this?
As long as there is a light for it it should be fine. They need some sun but not much. Besides it will keep the algie from growing!
That would only be bad because they need light. You could always just cover up the top and secure it so the cats cant get in.
If it is only for a day or two it shouldn't be a problem. I have a 20 gallon aquarium of my own.

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