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Jul 6, 2005
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East Hartford
Hey Guys, I picked up a 97 silver and I'm going to have to sell it. I can't do the work. (pics) When I'm ready I post it in the right place. (story time) I have been e-mailing Onefreshls about this car. He's been looking at a few MK VIII's. Car has 195K but doesn't look or show it. Bang now he want's my 97, not to be sold for awhile. Bang now he want's the CE. He made me a cash offer for the CE of $2500. He must have better meds than me. I can't wait to see what he buys, it won't be one of my cars. 97 grass 6.jpg97 grass 4.jpg97 grass 3.jpg97 grass.jpg

97 grass.jpg

97 grass 3.jpg

97 grass 4.jpg

97 grass 6.jpg
I wish he would just go away along with that other guy..
I was just telling a story about Onefreshls. It needs normal MK stuff, Ft air leaks down, blend door, and a few little things. It has more pep and go power than my other MK VIII's. It has Mustang mufflers and I think that makes a difference I know it sounds awesome. No bacon or peeling clear coat, even has good cup holder. Ole Bruce might be coming down to look at it next week. I'll list all the good and bad when I put it in the for sale section.. A man once told me "Everything is for sale, some things are to be sold"
For you shutter bugs; What do you think the white line on the ground is? And where did it come from? GHOSTS
What the hell or who the hell is "bang now"..your first post isn't making much sense to me other than onefreshls made a lowball offter on your car?
What the hell or who the hell is "bang now"..your first post isn't making much sense to me other than onefreshls made a lowball offter on your car?

Edit: nevermind..just got it, grammar does wonders for sentences.
I got to go with rounding first. I was talking with onefresh about selling him my 97 silver. Allof of a sudden he want's my 97 cordovan. Then he makes a stupid offer of 2500 for my CE that is NOT for sale. He found a beat up CE for 2500 so he thinks that's all their worth. My CE is insured by HAGERTY at a value of $10,000.00
hey listen onlytony i don't get what your problem is you cant take a joke. why the hell would i buy a car with 195k. I don"t give a crap if it looks mint. Others on here might want a car with high miles i don't. i said no and ****ed with you on the ce. but i guess you think its worth gold. i could care less if it is a ce. if the car was real i would give a real number after seeing it.
ok seriously, you need to **** off.
that 195k car is better than you deserve anyway. go away. you're just pissing off the people that can help you now.
Why DO YOU WASTE MY TIME ? Being a 100% disabled veteran my time is running out, and I don't like wasting it on piss-ants like you. Why don't you do something nice and leave all the good members of LVC alone, and go away,far far away SEMPER FI
well listen im sorry that your health is in bad shape. and thank you for being a vet that means alot. im not starting im just simply saying your cars is not for me. and i made a joke but i guess you cant take one and im sorry for that to. if you think i was for real with the 2500 dollar price on the ce shame on you.
gewt lawd. Can't he expand his search?

One can't be too choosey if there little to no Mviii in his color*and trim*and in his price range for sale in his neighborhood let alone the entire western hemisphere.

And to turn around, insult and bite the hand who are helping just isn't cool. He will be banished from this community in no time.

But wait, there is a bright side ........a .com Mark viii site is in desperate need for new members! :)
Why worriy about miles
Rust kills these cars not miles

No need to let him know... He knows everything about rust. In fact he keeps an eye out for rust no matter what. He just warned us of this mystical salt mist in the air in Florida. Apparently we've been having this all over the air around the state & didn't even know it. Our cars are just falling apart.
i know... i posted mine for sale and he wanted some more pics then never spoke to him again... probably because the car was a florida car and alex and i know what happens with the salt damage to cars in florida.. thats prob why he didnt respond again... Lmfao....
I PM'd Donna and Fordnut about this idiot He's asking about her 98. I did some searching and every MK VIII being bought or sold this idiot talking to them.
If tony or 98 have some to say you could use my name fools I know your talking about me. I don't want a base.... So I'm sorry 98 keep it and tony I told you I was joking but I guess old men can't take a joke.

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