Shut off at 50 and won't start again.

Yes I am in Erie.Pa.My local Lincoln dealer used two wire taps in my box.The parts changer(not mechanic LOL) said it was the easest way to fix.It wasnt the cruise it was the headlight retrofit.My grandmother had this car since new! I have since takin them out.And,No i screwed up the paypal transaction when I sent to ZMT.Wrong address so while I was waiting for paypal to refund my maney I decided to let this shop look at the car.So I never got the computer.Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like it worked out good for you then. Glad you didn't throw a part at it to become disgruntled again. ;)
Thanks again to all two years later and the mark is still going strong!!Whats up KSTROMBERG how you been bro and greatings to all other members and guests.Found this while sniffing around the search. This site ROCKS!!!
Nice for you to stop back in but it's customary to post a pic of said mark viii.
Please we love pics.

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