Seattle LS meet

I'm from Bremerton, the Kitsap County area. Would love to meet up with fellow LS members. Keep me posted!
Yeah, from the Bellingham. Usually it leaves me out for most things. I was going to go to Bremerton Raceway this weekend, but the bank account told me no until after april 1st.. lol I am dying to get some times out of this beast!! Gotta know where she stands, and start setting some goals!
I'm from the south- but go North once in a while to visit folks in Tacoma/fife area. Make sure to post a date and time just in case I'm in the neighborhood-
Sounds like we need to act on this this spring...maybe Pacific raceways, or just lunch...idk, we will do something.
Lets meet

How about we meet at Dick's (one on holman road) on either friday or saturday night for soem burger and showing each our rides?

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