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Mar 21, 2004
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West Virginia
Went to a private track rental to test and tune the Blue Flame.

I've been chasing ghosts in the car since the last outing when the best I could muster was a 13.5. Worse than that, the trap speed was only 98 mph. Suspecting an ignition problem, I installed new plugs and wires.

It didn't take long to realize that wasn't the problem as it started out running 13.6s at 98.x in the quarter mile. I had the wide-band operating finally and glancing at the display while running down the track, I was surprised to see A/F running in the 10s at the big end of the track when the car was winding out.

I had brought the netbook to tweak the tune just in case, so after a few runs I pulled the chip and fired up the SCT ProRacer package. The car seemed to like the magic tricks and responded with 13.5s at 99.x mph. After a couple more tweaks to the base fuel table, I had it running 13.4s to 13.3s just shy of 100 mph with a couple over 100 mph.

The best of the day was a 13.367 @ 102.13 on the next to last run. But the highest I saw the A/F was in the 12s! :eek:

Sixty foot times were pretty much low 1.8s with a best of 1.768. :D

The car is launching good but something is amiss causing it to dump way more fuel than needed at WOT. But at least we have an indication of the problem rather than just poking in the dark.

I've got 2 weeks to figure out how to exorcise the demons from the Blue Flame before my trip to GA and the SSHS10 event. :rolleyes:

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