Pics of my LS !!!


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Aug 31, 2010
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Sorry it has taken me so long to post some pixs of my Ls, I finally got around to washing it today so I took a few to share with ya, hope you like :) scroll down for better pixs !!

LS 2004  1.jpg

LS 2004  2.jpg

LS 2004  3.jpg
Real clean. photo size is awkward.

Any photos of you posing with it?
LOL I have no idea why the file size looks so funny ?? :shifty:

Andrizzle maybe next time :p
this is what i get when I try to upload the pictures :: The Dimension limits for this filetype are 800 x 1200. We were unable to resize your file so you will need to do so manually and upload it again. Your file is currently 2848 x 2134.
Nice pictures I got the same wheels for sale PM me if interested.
In that third picture your car looks a bit like a beetle :D
Looks good. Second attemp at posting pics is much better
Another chick with great taste in cars!! Looks awesome Asilee. I don't ever see other girls with decked out LSs here in Ohio. For some reason if I do pass another girl in an LS they snub me and stick their nose in the air :(
LOL I could never snub anyone who drives a LS ;) thanks everyone for your kind words ! Hyelife, I don't need to lower it, lol I hit bottom every once in a while when there's a bad dip in the road.

Yea, I was having a bit of a problem posting pics at first, thats why my car looked like a beetle :rolleyes:
:W to LVC. Nice clean looking LS. I like it. Any other mods planned?
not too often you see the horizontal grill ive been thinking of getting one myself. Nice car love the wheels! if only i had enough money for some...
:W to LVC. Nice clean looking LS. I like it. Any other mods planned?
thanks ! I've changed the fog lights to blue but other then that, not really sure what's next.. I need to get two more tires lol
currently have Michelin Pilot A/S 255/35/zr20
Looks good, Asia! If you're planning to do more, I'd recommend painting/replacing the grill surround to match the rest of the car.
Nice car. I love the funny aspect photos...loving the "Euro-look" Escalade across the street! lol

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