For Sale parting out a 04 lincoln ls v8


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Jul 6, 2005
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Hi guys I'm parting out my 04 Lincoln ls v8. 86000 miles. Email me with needs. Asking 500$ for the engine complete from oil pan to airbox. Front and rear seats asking 350. Very clean and fronts are air and heat rear is heated. 5r55s trans asking 400 and I have suroof complete with track and motor for 200. A lot more stuff avail. Just let me know what you need 25130_104010449633503_5026121_n.jpg25130_104010466300168_5241059_n.jpgsunroof (3).jpgcenter caps.jpgengine.jpgengine (2).jpgfront seats (6).jpgrear seats (3).jpgtrans 5r55s (3).jpgsunroof.jpg


engine (2).jpg

front seats (6).jpg

rear seats (3).jpg

trans 5r55s (3).jpg


sunroof (3).jpg

center caps.jpg


You have the grille. If so what condition is it in. 1 or 2 piece? cost
Overhead console, Steering wheel, and Shift Knob prices
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Hey i need a few parts for my car..
panel under the steering wheel
Clips that hold engine cover
ash tray
the trim part that goes around the shifter
the fuel/reset/ buttons on top of the radio the whole pastic part.
what rims were on the car?
The car looks to be in pretty good shape, why are you parting it?

Where is Williamsport located? I am interested in the front bumper.
do you still have the catalytic converter?
Will need the whole front assembly.
I am thinking about taking the drive and grabbing the back panels of front seats and the catalytic converters.
engine cover?

folding mirrors?

silver trim around the shifter? (the one that has the cut out for "D" "N" "R"..and so on)
Im looking for an insterment cluster, the concel cup holder with switches and the center vents with the buttons
hey guys the car is gone but i still have the engine complete from oil pan to airbox with accessories i have the 5r55s trans,i have factory hid headlights but the lenses are damaged,engine cover,front and rear seats,climate control,reverse lights with licence plate panel,instrument cluster,sunroof with track,cup holder with e brake switch and traction control, ashtray, overhead lights with sunroof switch,trunk and gas door switches, driver side door switches, steering wheel airbag,4 chrome wheel centercaps,head light switch with woodgrain trim with matching dash trim, fuel reset setup and status buttons. also have abs brake box and electric fan. i have pictures of all the items. pm me with interests and offers. i need this stuff gone asap

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