For Sale parting out 98 mark 8 base(lots of performance parts)


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Mar 17, 2008
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staten island
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Well I have not been on in awhile due to my 2 year old twins, but I am parting out my 98 mark 8, with 130k on the clock. It is green with prairie tan interior. I will start taking it apart next week, here are some of the parts.
Hid headlamps--150 each
Rear neon--SOLD
Left/right mirrors--50 each
Accel coils(8)--100
Tokico rear shocks-+-++SOLD
Rear arnott shocks(2)new 60 shipped
200 amp alternator(pa pef kit)--150 shipped
Scp underdrive pulleys--120 shipped
addco rear sway bar(with all ss hardware)--100
bbk fuel reg/guage--60 shipped
scp weld in and bolt in subframe braces-(weld in never used)150 shipped
Rear diff (327 with new poly bushings)100
Sct xcal unlocked--320 shipped

All are plus shipping unless noted
I am located in central Nj. I can't post pics here but if you text me I can send pics, other parts available either text. 19179929832 or email
Engine and tranny are perfect, if anyone wants those they will need to take the car
thanks guys
Pics of fuel pressure regulator? Interested, pending pics. Thanks.

Also, maybe the neon and the tokico shocks. Please PM me a price for those three things shipped to 29210.

Edit: I guess I should read. I'll text you.
I'm interested in the rear sway bar and the driver side mirror and the under drive pulleys and the braces also. Package deal price?
Interior parts available as well. If you are local sheetmetal is available to, hood and trunk good, lying fender and door are good(they are scratched though) radiator is about a year old. Text me needs/wants. Car is gping to be junked by the 3rd week of June.
I wouldent know how to get something like that shipped. It would need a crate for sure. I would imagine or would be truck freight only.
The following has been sold, both mirrors interior trim panels, fan Assyrian, tuner,intake manifold, fuel rails, imrc, window motors, door handles, valve covers.........headlanps and underdrives pending sale
Details on the SCP cold air kit? Is it the mass air meter? if so, what injector size are the sampling tubes for? Pics? Thanks!!
Mass air flow, sensor, and c&l filter, and adapter. Its for the factory 24s

Text me and ill send you a pic
I do not believe I will have the time to remove the transmission. If I get it out I will let you know......The following have been sold..left fender, drivers seat track, drivers airbag, coils, and wiper switch. I should add that the car also has stainless steel magnolia mufflers 2.5 inch inlet and 3.5 outlet. And magna flow X muffler 2.5 inlet/outlet. I can take pics and email if anyone is interested. 2 more weeks and then the car is gone.
What condition is the center console in? Cup holders & ash tray both good?

Also, have a good drivers side door light (the one that the bolt to remove the door panel hides behind) and the plug (L shaped) to cover the other bolt?

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