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I have to re-do the chrome trim around the windows. I removed the old striping. I can do a better job then that.
I have to re-do the chrome trim around the windows. I removed the old striping. I can do a better job then that.

Same here, I started this process last year and had to abort the plan, I had it in the garage working on the chrome window trim delete and when I passed by my Halogen work light, I got caught up in the cord and yanked clamped on work light off the shelf and busted the bulb.

After that I could see clearly and was already having trouble with the vinyl tape trying to keep the air bubbles out while following the curves and layers that make up the trim.

Got pissed off, aborted and put everything away and put it back on my to-do list.
New work light bulb ... still need to get a 'real' heat gun and will wait until better/warmer weather.

Looking at the pic thread again makes me miss my LS

SOLUTION: Get another LS
Hopefully the quality aint too bad lol!









looks badass man , ever consider vinyl wrapping your roof gloss black ?

If ur talking me n yes I have! I really wanna get it done. I got a quote for $350 to have roof painted black from a very good auto/paint shop. I don't think anyone near me does vinyl wrapping :( also around how much does vinyl cost for the roof?
yea man it would look sweet on your car , its better to have it vinyled so just incase you get tired of it you can take it off , g rell is right probably around 50 to 150 , go with 3M
My new lincoln, bone stock. Can't wait to put some mods into it. It's snowed about 5 feet so far (-40 at times) and the LS hasn't had any trouble getting through it.
Sorry for the bad picture quality, picture was taken with a iPhone.


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