Official LS Picture Thread

I cant wait to rock some rims on her. Here she is with European plateslincoln euro.jpg


lincoln euro.jpg
Eahhh. Its a lil stiffer than stock but as you probably know it was never a very smooth riding car.

It is, after all, a sport sedan....... Tires have a LOT to do with it. The ride is quite a bit different when running the softer side-walled stock Michelin MXMLMNOP versus a performance oriented tire. Even the stock tire sold by Discoult/Tirerack/etc. isn't the same tire that came on the car when new; even with the same model number!
Sold my Lincoln about a month ago, I just did not want to deal with it again in a Minnesota winter. Plus the rust I had fixed when I got the car was coming back and it was annoying the heck out of me. But I did take a few last pics of the car.



black glossed wheels will be better i think ! try to find a better connection between wheels and that original color

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