Official LS Picture Thread

I've been on here for a while and thought I would go ahead and post a picture of my car since I got her all spring cleaned today. Nothin special about it besides the fact that it's an LS of course.

Haha add all the LVC cars to the wiki! Stopsign, I just had a thought. Maybe the tire shine will look better on less sidewall?
Yeah I was thinking that too. Once the Sentas happen I think it'll be awesome. Idk I think I like it overall. Its just taking a minute to get used to.
Lookin good! I thought that one purpose for tire shine was to put it on all the sidewall, not less lol

Edit: all clear on the"sidewall" thing
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Haha thanks guys. Yeah, I really wash my car far to often, but its totally worth it to me. Some dude at DQ today literally just stared me down as I passed haha. I think he means that it would look good on a tire that has less sidewall. Either way, I think I like it. It just took me by surprise how shiny it was. It really makes the rims pop though which is awesome
Any plans on blacking out the wheels like you did to the grilles?
I like a little contrast in a car so I wouldn't black them out, but you could always Plasti-dip them and see if you like it and if not you can peel it off. I may do that with my wheels to see if it would look good on my car.
Yeah, definitely dont need to make the wheels look any smaller haha. Maybe Ill mess with it sometime, but right now I dont feel the need. Ill just keep focusing on the exhaust setup for now :p
Whatcha buyin at Sears? lol or are you just cruisin for chicks at the mall :cool:
Fresh Tint

I took a couple of quick pictures after I got my car tinted on Thursday. I was planning to take some better pictures after detailing the car yesterday, but as soon as I got the camera out it started pouring rain, so I quickly ran back to the car without taking any pictures. I'll take some next time I wash it.

The tint is Huper Optik 35% on the back glass and 50% on all the side windows. I would have liked 35% all the way around, but the Commonwealth of VA limits us to 50% on the front side windows.

I'm amazed at how much this reflects heat. The factory solar reflective glass doesn't seem to do much at all. The Huper Optik film is more effective than any other product I've used. I've been parking the car sitting in the sun to help the tint dry, and while the dash under the windshield will be burning hot the rest of the car will be at most slightly cool. I'm thinking of having a clear film installed on the windshield.



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