Official LS of the Month Winners Thread

LSOTM Winner Jan 2012 bmxbang!!!!!!!!

2004 Lincoln LS Ultimate V8
Color- Silver Birch

-6k HID headlights
-6k LED license plate lights
-2006 LSE front grill
-20% tint

LSOTM Jan 1.jpg

LSOTM Jan 2.jpg

LSOTM Jan 3.jpg

LSOTM Jan 4.jpg

LSOTM Jan 5.jpg
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LSOTM Winner for Feb 2012 jolinc01!!!!

Gen 2 LSE frotnend swap with LSE grille
20" Jaguar Senta replicas wrapped in 255/35/20 Kumhos
Color matching OEM side skirts & rear valance
5000k HID
20% tint
dimpled/slotted rotors w/SS brakes lines
Eibach Pro lowering kit
2.5" cat-back exhaust w/AP exhaust mufflers
Cherry Bomb 4" tips
SCT tuned
VLEDS 6000k Reverse & Plate lights





LSOTM Winner for March 2012 ilovemyls!!!!

*Eibach-Pro Lowering Kit
*KKM True Rev Kit & SS CAI
*Magnaflow Catback Exhaust w/ Resonator Delete
*Simulated Aluminum bezel kit on the dash and interior doors
*Installed Katzkin Heated Seat Kit on both fornt seats
*18" Voxx Misano multi-spoke chrome wheels
*Replaced stock sideview mirrors with 2005 folding mirrors with integrated puddle lights
*Replaced 2002 stock headlights with 2005 stock LS HID headlamps with stock brackets
*Gen II Front End conversion
*Performance drilled and slotted rotors
*Custom painted all calipers black with Lincoln logo stenciled on the calipers
*6.1" JVC In-dash Navigationunit





That's a shame, but I believe it. This would be fun though.
IIRC, not enough people were submitting too it. If there were hundreds of us on here it would make more sense but I'm pretty sure there's probably about 20-30 or so members that are active enough on here to consider this on a monthly basis.
J - 1+

Just look at how low of a number of calendar shots have been submitted so far. I feel the interest in the site has really gone down over the last year and we lost a few members.
Hopefully, there will be a number of submissions coming before the 23rd.
Considering "Unsticky" Official LS of the Month Winners Thread ?

If it were me, I would unsticky this thread, the lowered heights and equipment, and the bumper cutouts then link them in the official owners manual.
+1, especially the bumper cutouts. I mean it's a great write up, I actually followed his steps myself, but it doesnt need to be a sticky
Yeah, back when there was a flood of member with the hunger to mod
Maybe there should be a 'Maintenance of the Month' award instead. Highest bill/Most replaced parts wins
Could bring back. Don't think we have enough members that care to participate.
Could bring back. Don't think we have enough members that care to participate.
You guys could simplify it to Lincolns of the month so maybe more members will do it.
LOL id dont see that going well with the Mark guys :D
LOL do they think they are better than the LS guys? I mean I know the LS and Mark VIII are the most talked about models on this site, but it could be all the Lincolns and you could put it in the General Discussion part. It would be cool to do some of these things on the Cadillac side, but I don't think me and the very few other guys that might go on once in a few weeks or so would keep anything going LOL, but hey I enjoy it here and I like how much I have learned about Lincolns and I can have a new respect for Lincoln (not that I didn't before).

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