OBD code p2196 and p2198 Anyone?


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May 4, 2008
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Driving my 06 LS, check engine CEL came on. Took to Auto Zone, Scanned codes p2196 p2198. These 2 codes are 2 different, Bank 1 or 2 Oxygen O2 sensors codes. I find it strange that both, (2) different sensors would go out at the same time?

Also I had just filled up the Gas Tank and it did overflow top off a bit. I searched the Web and saw that there's thought that the EVAP Canister purge valve can also code these due to overflow gas while refueling.

I also had cleaned the Air Intake filter the same day before this happened.

The car is idling a little shaky, and seems a bit sluggish while driving at low RPM's. I have disconnected the battery a few time to clear the codes. At start up it gone but comes back each time after a 1/2 mile or so.

Anyone had this problem or know what to do? Thanks.
Since they are both rich, I am going to guess MAF, but it is just a guess from a few hundred miles away.
Great guess.

In case anyone else has this problem I found out what is was. I did something dumb, real dumb. I cleaned the intake paper filter by spaying it off with water. Then slightly oiled it.

It collapsed in the housing blocking the air box intake air hole. Also some of the filter oil got on the MAF. Very stupid of me. Its working fine now cleaned out and with a new filter. Thanks
I got similar codes the other day, cleaned the maf sensor and runs great now
I got similar codes the other day, cleaned the maf sensor and runs great now

LOL! That's strange. I just though about the fact that we both got our low miles 06's at about the same time a few months ago. Yep in my case I'm sure the oil that got on my maf contributed to my problem too.

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