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Jul 17, 2004
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Queens, NY
Hey guys, I just wanted to say that as of tomorrow the Mark VIII will be out of my life. But to me as a great community will not be missed that is for damn sure! I currently moved back to NYC towards the end of Sept and every week something was going on with my car. It pretty much became such a hassle I was not even able to get settled in to my place. All the issues that I was having are just too long to even discuss. As of right now I still have some performance parts that I have yet to install and everyone here is going to recieve first dibs before I throw them on eBay. Once I get a tick sheet of all the items, it will be posted in the appropriate section of the forums. Again, you all are great group of people it is a shame that I never attended any meets.

Anyway - my new car is going to be a 2009 Hyundai Sonata Limited with the V6, yeah I know I know... it's not a Mark!!! LOL. I just wanted to say that I learned so much from you guys, you all definitely know your sh*t! Take care and I will be back soon to post some goodies. ;)

a "roundeye" wtf man.......... ok i guess at least it should be faster :( and remember you dont have to leave the site, you just WONT be one of the cool kids anymore
that sucks what year is itthe mark that is
The car is being donated to charity as a tax right off. One of my many good deeds this year.
yea I am gonna miss your sig also. Again visit the site even if you don't have a Mark VIII.
I can't say that I fault you, the new Sonata Limited V6 is a very nice car and reasonably quick. I keep my My Mark VIII as my fun car, daily driving duty is done by more pedestrian vehicles ('08 Hyundi Accent, '08 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6).
Leave a website card in the owners manual in the glove compartment.
Yeah, when the guy picked up the car this morning I almost shed a tear. However the funniest thing was, as he drove away he gunned it! LMAO!!! I was like WTF? I will visit LVC whenever I get a chance, this I promise. If I ever come across other Lincoln or Cadillac owners, I will plug the site if they are not part of it of course. I will miss the car, but I wont miss the problems. Sometimes I wonder, was it all the upgrades that caused all the issues, or if it was just the age taking its toll. The Sonata seems like it has some power, but of course not like what I had with the Mark!

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