New best ET at SSHS 11


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Mar 21, 2004
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West Virginia
The Super Southern Heavyweight Shootout, 2011 edition in Atlanta, GA. :)

At first the car seemed consistent with 12.62 to 12.80, then a freak run at 12.550 @ 106.73. Before eliminations started, throwing out the worst and the best of the time trials resulted in a tight group of 12.7s. So I dialed in a 12.6 leaving a bit of a cushion.

Turns out the lunch break was a good cool-down and even though it was warmer, the car ran a 12.62 on the 12.6 dial but I lost the first round pretty much by the margin at the tree. No problem, 1st round buybacks were the rule and I gladly ponied up to stay in the competition.

There were quite a few cars in the Super Modified class and the rounds came quicker as the afternoon progressed. I had a pair of runs back to back where I was the "fast car" and lifted off the throttle running through the traps at 12.9 something. One round was a bye run. The car started to heat soak and I kept bumping the dial up and winning each round. On the semi-final round, I "pushed" the opponent out the door and forced him to a break-out with a 13.38 on his 13.42 dial.

When I came back around for the finals, I found myself matched to a 13.22 dial-in vs. my now 12.9 dial-in. Hmmm... I thought, he must be running the numbers to be dialing in to the hundredths. I had the thoughts of changing my dial... to a 13.22 to match his and forcing a "heads up" race.

Wish I would have. The opponent ran a 13.24 on his 13.22 dial with a 0.086 light against my 13.07 on a 12.9 dial with a paltry 0.131 light. He won the Super Modified class and I settled for the runner-up trophy. :D

Sixty foot times were mostly 1.7s with a best of 1.668. :cool:
Driller, you always sound so poetic. I like it though. It's like reading a good book!:D Nice work!:cool:
4 more hundredths and you will beat my supercharged Mark! Your 60 ft. times are over 1/10 faster than mine ?? You still run those Hoosiers ?? Are the new ?? My M/T street ET's are getting slower already.
I am a fan of the Hoosiers. I have 26's on now and a set of 27's are waiting on the shelf. The current tires were bought new at the end of last year but with the car down, they only have 3 track days of wear. I have found them to be reliable until the cords start to show! :D
Late pic of timeslip...


Car Number 007!

That beats my best time. Do you have a link to a add or listing for the the 27 inch set ???

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