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Aug 3, 2011
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HI I have a 93 MK VIII that is in very good mechanical condition. I need basically the interior---in varying degrees of need. I have been able to get a few new parts from dealer, primarily the hard plastic skirt that holds the seat switches--those were like 40$ ea from dealer, but most are no longer available. My interior is a dark tan, I forgot what ford calls it, but its taupe I think. Anyway I dont care. I can paint to match dep on what it is.

I would LOVE to have some 96 LS(whatever it is) headlight housings so I could do HID. My 93 plastic, despite very good reflector material, and the plastic being polished to crystal clear, just doesn't do it. Its OK, but its not what I want.

I need dash and console parts. My front upholstry is toast, and I can get redone, but if someone has seats in good shape, I sould rather do that. Floor mats, visors, anything like that, door panels, basically any interior parts are needed to varying degrees.

Let me know, thank you all very much. Best bet is to PM me. I then get emailed and will get back to your quickly. Thanks


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Jun 21, 2009
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Miami, FL(Home of the rust free MARK VIII's
Hi Arizona, piece of advice, post on the "Lincoln Mark VIII" section which focuses on our car's rather than on this generic "car parts" section. This is when you are SELLING parts, not in dire need of parts. You should've NEVER gone to the stealership. That's insane.

As for the HID (LSC) housings? Get in line buddy. Almost EVERYONE on here wants a set & they are rare. Be happy with the ones you have & as soon as you come across a set cheaper than $500.00 purchase them! That's pretty much what you see them go for. Some for $400, $450, $480, etc... If you are lucky you may run across someone that has no idea what they are selling & they may sell you the set for less than $300.00. Otherwise start visiting your local junk yards. You are bound to come across a set. Buy them even if they are yellow. You can sand them & they will be good as new.

As for myself I unfortunately don't have any Gen 1 interior parts but again, start a thread on the Mark VIII section & watch everyone will either help you or show you the way to good cheap parts!

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