I can usually get around 350 miles/tank give or take a few. Most of my driving (90%) is city, then again it's not very often I go over 2500 rpm. It's tough but when I see my mileage that helps. I've gotten as high as 28-30 on the highway.
I drive pretty hard all the time and I avg. about 17, combined city/highway. When on a road trip I get about 25.
I'm not sure my average, but I got about 215-230 miles to the tank.

Then again I'm always trying to beat everyone else to the next red light.
i found differnt brands of gas make a differance with me, i drive from indy to detroit every weekend putting about about 800 miles on it in the round trip plus weekly driving, if i fill up with marathon or shell i get 25.6-26.2 mpg with cruse set at 75mph, if i fill up with BP, i loose about 1.5 mpg and if i go with the no names i loose up to 3-4mpg

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