Most mods factory done on my '04 LS


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Oct 12, 2004
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It seems that all the member's photo pages and the LS's at that are '02 and older are showing off mods that came stock on my '04.
For instance -
clear turn signal lenses. (I don't even have the narrow lenses on the top of the front bumper which people are puting clear lenses in for)

17" wheels - I wouldn't go much bigger than 18 anyway.

The tail lights have the clear top half as described as being 'McLaren lights'. (but I noticed that the '04 LSE's are all red now anyway)

And that's pretty much all the exterior mods I see done (except the angle eye kits - which I think are hot. Just waiting on some kits for an '04)

I got a neighbor friend already working on a new CAI for me. Once it's done I'll post piccies. I can easily talk him into making more for me.
Your right - your 04 has many of the things we have added to our older LSes.

on the headlamps/angel-eye - don't hold your breath - we haven't figured out a way to open up the headlamps that use the newer 'black sealent' - the older units use a 'grey sealent' that can be loosened with heat - which is why Ford replaced it as it caused the lamps to fog.

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