Miles YOU put on your LS


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May 8, 2004
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OK not how many miles on the car but how many put on during your ownership.

150K (bought with high 30s now at high 180s)
bought the 03 around 60k now has a little under 160k

the 00 was bought around 25k, and I think it was around 60k-70k when she was totaled out.
2000 V6.... 179K when my daughter took over 6 years ago. Now has over 190K.

2001 V6..... Put 25K before trading it in on my wife's '06

2006......... 72K, bought right off the showroom floor.

2006......... Put 107K on it before selling it for the BMW.
I haven't looked for several weeks but I have about 160K miles on my '02 that I bought new.

2006 had 43,133 when the gf bought it April 2012. Now, it has 92,767 and I've spent about $1200 in parts and maintenance.
Bought current one with 84K miles, now has just turned 283K. Previous one picked up as a repo with 9K, had 104K when totaled by son who didn't look both ways one day. Been loving the LS manners for 14+ years now.
Bought my '02 in '05 with 32500 mi. So around 212000 mi.
The 2000 LS I have has been in our family since it was new. I've had it for nearly two years now and in that time I have driven it 9.2 miles. It doesn't really get out much! I do start it up once a week. The car itself looks brand new and I intend to keep it that way!
Milestone reached! OK, I've only put 590 of those miles on but they've been very good miles.


My 00 had 68K when I purchased it 14 months ago and it currently sits with 81K. So 13K since I picked him up.
bought my '03 in 2009 with 17k on her....she has 37 and change on her now...doesn't see the light of day often
Bought my 06 with 57000 miles last year now up 67000 miles
Bought the 03 in 2011 had 78000 and now has 141000

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