LS Crash from dashcam

what was all that damn noise coming from the bus? sounded like it was getting shot up.
I actually had to watch it 3 times very intense and atleast we know that car can handle some damage!
.... and another LPG bites the dust.... and I'd like to add the Sunroof stayed intact...
nope I rather drive my LS :) but i got on that train to go to the state fair a couple of times.
cant believe that red truck that gets tboned ...hope that driver is ok...that truck came flying up and smahed into the Side of the LS after they hit him first...
right, just reminds you it can happen at any time. you could just be making a lazy right hand turn and get smashed.

I used to be an EMT, and that's when I started to religously wear my seatbelt.

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