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Apr 9, 2004
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Windsor, Ca
Yet Another Mark VIII for me

My 95 LSC "clone" was damaged last week by a kid who backed in to it with his Toyota pick-up = Enough damage for his insurance company to total it based on mileage (202k)
grill, hood, header, chrome trim, HID's, bumper, corner lights...

I was not happy, and they offered for me to buy it back...so when they offered their settlement, I decided to go out and shop for a replacement, and then sell the 95 for parts(as a whole car to a buyer already known).

I'll yank my stereo, and that's about it. It is fully driveable, but has not front teeth(gaping hole). If I had a set of cheap wheels, I'd save the Octastars and sell them separately.

So I went out and bought this:
1998 Toreador red LSC with prairie tan. He bought it over a year ago to "flip" it...and never found a buyer so he let it go cheap. Gave me ALL the old receipts, new battery, brand spanking new SCP
Speedstar wheels 18" with Michelin Pilots(245/45-18), AAS 1.5" lowered coil kit with solid rear upper shock mounts, KYB's, rear upper shock tower brace, new COP's, plugs, belt, tensioner, EGR, IAC, O2 sensors, removed mufflers/straight pipes with stock tips, new front and rear speakers, fresh tint, and it is AMAZING. So soft and comfortable are the seats, way better than our old 97 LSC seats were. he even replaced the puddle lamps with LED's, the license plate lamp is LED, the door courtesy lamps are LED...this thing lights up beautifully.
Only bummer is...NO NEON!!!

I am in a pickle with the Octastars, as I love the look of the 18's but wish they were chrome...
I installed a pair of dynomax bullet mufflers...the straight pipe was a bit obnoxious for this old man. Had them painted black and had the tips re-located up and closer to the bumper for a cleaner look. Now it sounds PERFECT!

Here she is...#5 Mark VIII I've owned in 12 years.






















I since removed the stock head unit and installed my old JVC, 12" Sony sub and amp and gave it the BUMP I require.
98 009.jpg

98 009.jpg
I see nothing wrong with the Satin Speedstars, or the rest of the VIII for that matter! Beautiful ride.
niiice...welcome back Craig!
just curious, what did the offer for your 95? I recently totaled my 96 with 203k miles in a 5 car pile up, still waiting to see what value they place on my totaled car

at first they offered me $1700.
I was in a rental car(on their dime) So I told them to get back to me with a realistic offer and until then I'll keep driving the rental.
They said "we have another appraiser we use, lets try them"
So we waited a week. They came back with an offer for

Obviously I took it. I bought the car a year before for $2500, so of course I'd settle. I could have fixed it and kept some coin, but at 201k miles, needing brakes, had some suspension and transmission issues, I opted to take the offer, and then I
Bought the 98 LSC for $3700 that weekend.

I then sold the 95 back to Tommy for $600 (salvaged title)and then helped him strip parts off his parts cars to fix the 95 which he sold for $2500

amazing how it all worked out.

from this
wrecked 03.jpg
wrecked 04.jpg

to this:

wrecked 05.jpg
wrecked 06.jpg

wrecked 03.jpg

wrecked 04.jpg

wrecked 05.jpg

wrecked 06.jpg
That is great the 95 got saved and how everything ended up working out for you. Your new Mark VIII looks fantastic!

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