Is replacing inner tie rods absolutely necessary when doing everything else?


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Apr 21, 2011
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St Pete FL
I've been tallying up all the front end parts I am going to buy (including Motorcraft SRB's) and am already over-budget. I'll be buying the outers tie rods for sure.
well if they go bad later, you're gonna buy paying for another alignment...
plus disassembly plus down time plus etc etc.
They're only $20 a piece and you need to take everything off a second time to get to them. May as well do them now. Since you're going in there anyway everything's out of the way and that's the hardest part about doing them.

Unless your inner and outer tie rods are completely fused together and need to be separated with a sawzall like one of my sides were.
Can be borrowed for free from Autozone, Advance Auto, O'reilley's etc.
You'll need to slide the Racks dust boot off and check where the inner tie rod connects to the Rack for a small pin. If that pin is there it MUST be removed from the inner tie rod BEFORE you start unscrewing the rod from the rack or you WILL destroy the threads on the Rack. No other special tool is needed. A large-ish Crescent wrench can break the inner rods seat loose from the rack and its all fingers from there
Make sure you buy high quality ones, or your wasting your money. The originals would be better than using china junk.
Make sure you buy high quality ones, or your wasting your money. The originals would be better than using china junk.

You guys are going to kill me but I didn't order the inner's. Two Motorcraft's will be at least an extra $70 so I only went with the Motorcraft outer's for now. I don't have a lot of income right now so I need to replace the stuff that needs dire attention, including the rear toe link control on the passenger side and rear shocks.
Yea, you might as well do 'em while you're there but being as you already stated that you went without buying the new ITRs, nevermind.

I was looking for front end parts since I plan to redo the front of the BA in late spring myself and came across this here

Part numbers interchange with Moog, and it is said that Moog now gets their stuff from China so I might stay away from this one. Maybe......

In any event, perhaps this kit was more along your price range....
well, the way I figure, if the Motorcraft parts still exist, get them. If not, go Chinese.

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