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  • Roger,
    don't know if you have this link for auto auctions.
    Just copy & paste into search window.

    Don't know how many guys out there know about buying from these insurance brokers, and not all are available for the public to buy from.
    I have one in Seattle & one in Portland. Website has excellent search functions.
    BTW, was simple fix on my 97, coil pack!!! whew!!!
    Gonna get decent weather to finally clean mine up and get some photos to post soon.
    I'm only sending this info to you and Bruce (dbleb88) as you two are the only ones I have had direct/indirect contact with. Spoke with Bruce when I first got my 97 for over an hour, he's a great guy & spoke highly of you & several others.

    Just wanted to compliment you on the body kit car. It's the first one I've seen that hit the button between restrained and over the top...nice job!
    Des P
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