Introduction and Mark VIII Manual Swap + Progress

Hey William. I'm glad you joined LVC. Our facebook page will never save a build thread like LVC or LOD & you can always go back whether to read up on the past or to assist another member. Like I told you on our page, most of us don't like yellow but this is one respected CE. It has very cool history & that alone says something. Now you are creating new history doing what you're doing. You've definitely got a stamp of approval, dude. :)
You and you father are very ambitious, especially doing all that work on your back...great job you should have a really nice hot rod Lincoln when you done. by the way plasti dipping a whole car is cool I did a 91 mustang gt that turned out very good
Drive-shaft installed. Shifter extended and made adjustable 20150520_184201.jpg20150520_184134.jpg


We are now up to eight Mark VIII's. However, not all are in driving condition, run, or even have an engine. One is even wrecked. Hopefully we can make some really good ones out of them all. The driveway has been pretty crowded.... Here are six of 'em.


holy crap man! That's a lotta marks! (I knew I saw this picture on facebook!)
Crap-ola man. It wouldn't be complete without a jet engine on the top. :Beer

I'll sell you my 97 Mark for a parts car cuz judging by that picture it looks like you need a beige one! I just replaced all the air suspension with coils and struts. It's got 88k miles.

Ok ok guys are motivated. Have fun!!
Haha I think we're going to stop at eight. Eight Mark VIII's sounds good. Now, we need seven Mark VII's
Perhaps I'm jumping the gun, but I wanted to work on constructing a summary people can look through when we take the car to car shows. It provides information about Banana George Blair (thanks to Wikipedia) and a brief overview on the Mark VIII. I still have more to add, but this is what I have now.








I'm trying my hand at creating a website for the build and the car in general. Inspiration was when I saw someone else use Google Sites (which I have never heard of before) on the "StandardShift" Forum to document their 1980 Buick LeSabre Limited 4.1 V6 with T5 manual transmission swap. It's a very user friendly site creator. I haven't really worked on it, but here is the link:

Hopefully it can provide details about the swap in a more linear manner than on the forum. It should also be able to present it better.
More updates and progress! We are working on getting a nice shift-knob along with some fun novelty ones. The "wood" one (can't tell if it's real or fake) is nice, except the clear-coat on the pattern itself wore off. I'm thinking about buying a shift pattern plate off of online and glue on there.

I'll see if this may fit
Parking-brake pedal will stay out. ECU will be mounted in its place





Fantastic work!

Did you guys dial in the bellhousing to ensure it is concentric, before putting in the T56?

I ask as I did this a couple years back to another car, and even though it drove perfect, it smoked the pilot bearing in 5000 miles.
I took it to a shop and they said it was an old pilot bearing, replaced it and it went again within the same week.

Mine was a stock T56 and stock bellhousing and it was off 41 thousands.

Below is from a site that specializes in offset dowels to correct bellhousing alignment issues.

Bellhousing alignment is critical to ensure smooth shifting and maximum clutch life. The hole in the rear face of the bellhousing should be concentric with the crankshaft within .005" (.010 TIR).

Unfortunately, many aftermarket (and even some stock) bellhousings are not as concentric as they should be. This may be due to a problem with the bellhousing and/or the engine block.
Sir's: Really a nice job. Trying to do the same in my 1997 LSC Would appreciate a phone number to call. Thanks AK Phone 601-788-6310 E-Mail
Standard trans swap 1997 LSC

Sir's: Really a nice job. Trying to do the same in my 1997 LSC Would appreciate a phone number to call. Thanks AK Phone 601-788-6310 E-Mail

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