How do you feel about Biden NOW?

Still don't care about Hunter Biden, if he's guilty, so be it. But that's 99.999% of the reason the Right indicted him, to hurt his father's reelection chances. They couldn't care less about Hunter.

But I'm glad it happened, precedent set, now means a president's adult children are not off limits leglly speaking. Hopefully they go after the whole Trump crime family, Donnie Junior, Eric, Evanka and especially the son-in-law Jared Kushner, they were all part of the Trump admin in some aspect :)
Hunter is looking at 25 years max, for lying on the ATF gun purchase form 4473.

I'm sure there will be a plea bargain. ;)


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'The nightmare is over': Americans freed by Iran in prisoner swap

Five Americans jailed for years in Iran and widely regarded as hostages are on their way home to the United States.

The last pieces in a controversial swap mediated by Qatar fell into place when $6bn (£4.8bn) of Iranian funds held in South Korea reached banks in Doha.

Awesome, so happy they're out of an Iranian prison and get to join their families. Go Biden. Go America :)
How did you get COVID when it's just the Left's "hoax"?
Don't put words in my mouth!!! I never said Covid was a hoax. I was in the epicenter of where it first hit in 2019... and contracted it.

Also got hit with a different variant in 2021.

Now hit with whatever variant is going around now.

Never been vaxed... so (middle finger to you). :eek:;)
You wanna know how Covid hit the U.S. buddy???

An older gentleman that lived locally... took a trip to the U.K. to visit some family. He unknowingly contracted it while there... and brought it into the U.S. when celebrating/attending his grandson's birthday party.

The rest is history (as the saying goes)

Seems the Omicron variants are the most virile... and those strains came from the original H1N1 bird flu (during the Obama years)... when our youth in this country fell victim to it.
I was talking to a gun shop buddy (texting) when I got hit with this.

Turns out he had the same exact symptoms as I did.

Thing is... he and I haven't talked face to face in over a month... maybe longer.

A week ago... the news was saying a new Omicron variant (BA-286) was going around... and then "bam" he and I both got hit with it around the same time.

Again... no "face to face" contact.

And I don't go out into the "general public" very often.
Fortunately... (at the moment)... I have the option to isolate.

I was pulling spaghetti noodle type snot out of my nose, from my sinus cavities... and hacking up chunks from my lungs.

Have fun with that!!!

Fortunately... homemade chicken noodle soup seems to alleviate/negate the effects.

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