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May 3, 2004
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Someone posted a pic of a black gen 2 with 20" bullitts about a year ago and i cant find it anywhere. can someone help me out? Thanks
This one


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go to this thread titled "Post Your Favorite Mark Viii Pictures" dated Jan.30th 2010 time was 9:42pm

This pic thing just dont work 2 good 4 me............
thanks brent!

oops on my brothers laptop, oh well. maybe i can get that post count up for him lol.
that car is so sick looking, i would drive mine into a wall at 130 mph if i could have that one, i think i want them same wheels for my 97 when i get taxes this year and stick my speedstars on my 98 lsc. god i want to bang that car!!
LOL you can just get the wheels, no need to trash your current ride!

I think the 20's are a bit much, that same wheel in an 18 would be better IMHO.
those are the ONLY 20's i would consider on my car it totally fills the wheel well and my car is lowered already so it would be the ultimate stance.
ok now where can they be bought lol? i'll have to do a hub swap wont i, brand dont sell them in mark pattern in 20 does he, i seriously want these after tax season.
Somebody that has the pic of the Gray Mark with the 18`s needs to post it. It would make a nice comparison.
I have more pictures of this car if you are interested. Let me know they are on my other computer and I just need to set up and go on line.

I am still thinking of buying these wheels from him for my 98 Charcoal Metalic, not sure if the color combination will work though any one have an opinion for me?
Really like the look but here in NJ I don't think those 20" would last that a month :(

I wish I could find another set of the 17" Steel Bullets I had picked up off EBAY for $500 but they seem to have all disappeared :shifty:
I often wonder if our Marks can pull of 20's without being ghetto. There's a 20" package for the new Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers, and they make those cars look wicked. What is the tire size on that Mark and how wide is the wheel?

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