Help me and i'll buy a LS.. Cross my heart.

Thats what I mean. I stumbled on the official ford procedure somewhere and it was extensive. I think it even recommended using an external 14 volt system instead of the car battery for stability. But it was obvious, if a tech was unfamiliar, or didnt set up all the safeties, the thing could get messed up easy.
I can understand EEPROM vs. FLASH.

FLASH actually is an offspring from EEPROM but you, Joe, knew that already.
Odd as time passes they go to something slower but within good reason for larger storage capacity purposes.

EEPROM was designed to be read a lot more as apposed to written to.

EEPROM uses faster NOR (Not and OR), FLASH uses the slower NAND (Not and AND) type.
NOR type is faster but there is the affordability and storage capacity pro's with FLASH.

10-4, old school here. Remember the days we used to program during ICT, in order to keep up with manufacturing beat, flavor variances)

... it was the concept of being locked while written to, that I didn't see possible.

~ had to google a bit to get reacquainted.
NAND FLASH is higher density and lower cost. We all switched to it, for those reasons.
Dank Bird,
Are you still in the market for an LS? I have an 02 V8, will provide all info, pics and will consider meeting or possibly delivery if it works out. I'm not on this site very often, so feel free to contact me on cell for details 5o1-538-37o7.

Good luck with the bird!

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