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Lincoln Mark VIII

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    Jun 12, 2018
    Texas, USA
    I just bought this one-owner. It spent a lot of its time in the sun drying out and otherwise enduring wear and tear.

    I do have a number of questions so that I can do things right the first time and with the best available (accessible) solutions at hand.

    1. Headliner
    I don't want to put this in until it's recovered, so worst case, I may drive without it until it's presentable.

    I've taken it out of the car and stripped it. It's apparently composed of cotton-like fiberglass. Can this be adhered to effectively or do I strip it deeper? I use 3M headliner adhesive.

    2. Ignition
    I don't want to remove the dash but I need to repaint the ignition cylinder surround. Does anybody have any idea how many screws are holding it in or just how to remove it?

    3. Plastic Repair
    I've got a lot of panels that were damaged and left for dead. Tabs have snapped off, or panels have cracked in half. What is the most resilient repair in this case? I don't have a plastic welder.

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