GenI LSV8 Cooling System Overhaul Parts List

Lincoln LS

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    May 14, 2018
    Motorcraft KM4402 Upper Radiator Hose
    Motorcraft KM4565 Lower Radiator Hose
    Coolant Outlet Pipe (crossover tube) XW4Z-8A520-AF
    Fel-Pro ES 72738 Water Crossover Mount Gasket Set
    URO Parts NCE2247ADKIT-PRM Upgraded Aluminum T-Stat Housing Kit or
    OEM Plastic Part Numbers XW4Z-8592-BD & XW4Z-8592-AA
    MOTORCRAFT Thermostat RT1154
    Thermostat Housing Gasket XW4Z-8590-BA
    URO Parts C2C34318 Expansion Tank, 1 Pack or OEM Part Number XW4Z-8A080-AA
    Motorcraft RS-527 Radiator Pressure Cap
    Motorcraft KM4566 Water Outlet Housing
    Coolant Recovery/Engine Coolant Recovery Tank Hose XW4Z-8C289-FA
    Auxiliary Coolant Pump 1W4Z-18D473-AA
    MOTORCRAFT PW448 Water Pump
    MOTORCRAFT RAD31 Radiator
    DCCV (Heater Valve) MOTORCRAFT YG355 or Bosch W0133-1799792
    Exhaust Manifold Gaskets XW4Z-9448-AC you will need two they are sold individually
    If your 2002 Model has an stock electric fan use Motorcraft VC-7-B Antifreeze
    Otherwise if you have the hydraulic fan in your car use
    MOTORCRAFT VC5 Premium Concentrated Antifreeze / Coolant - Gallon or
    MOTORCRAFT VC5DIL Premium Diluted Antifreeze / Coolant - Gallon
    If you want to use aftermarket coolant use
    Zerex G-05 AntiFreeze (if your car has the hydraulic engine fan)

    If using The concentrated Antifreeze be sure to use Distilled Water!

    Be sure to bleed the system properly see this thread for the proper way How to Drain the Lincoln LS Cooling System

    If I missed anything let me know and I will edit and add it into this list. I did not see a complete list of parts for the GEN 1 if I am wrong just delete this thread.
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