Gen1 to Gen 2 front end clip swap


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Sep 28, 2009
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Central Texas
Sorry I am asking for help with what I can't find on my worded search.
Question is: How involved, or possible is it to swap a Gen1 front clip onto a Gen2 chassis?
Thanks for the guidance.
its a bit obnoxious i believe, but not impossible.

LVC members Chargerxr and Sapperfire have built cross-gen cars.
Is the entire concept of a swap like this simply to do away with a potentially disappointing Gen II front clip? I thought the common consensus was that the Gen II clip was the one looked upon more fondly, or something..?
It's actually very easy. I've done 2, and plan on doing another this summer. You'll need hood, bumper cover, grill, both fenders,header panel, cowl pieces, and inner fender shields from a 1st gen. Probably the biggest hassle is removing and welding the 1st gen hood latch to the 2nd gen. You will also have to cut a small section out the bottom of a stock gen 1 hood to clear the egr valve.

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