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May 29, 2008
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Kansas city
Since the most viewed post around here lately is the understanding of God... I thought Id share this summers project. I'll update from time to time, and get some advice from those interested (your free to ignore otherwise)....

the idea was to find a kart for my sons 12th birthday. To A.) be a cool gift... B.) teach him how everything works / start learning some simple mechanical systems.... We wanted something solid, w/ a good motor, and had suspension. The rest not to worried about, as we will R&R as we learn and upgrade.

Came across this:

Mid 2000's Tomberlin Crossfire 150
I believe its their "first gen" base model


Owner/kid's CL ad was a little deceiving, but again... the more wrong, means the more he'll learn.



Frame = great, no rust (Just paint weathered)
Engine = Howhitt 150cc (GY6) Runs, strong compression, carb gummy....its w/ a small engine guy getting a once over (I wanted his opinion...Jedi of small engines)
Brakes = work, but will be R&R
Electrical = works, but butchered... will need to reverse everything thats been done
Suspension/ tires = works, but will need upgrading









Goal 1, have him learn what he can, and us have some fun building this summer
Goal 2, build something cool

Not too worried on costs that go into it (only investment im concerned with is his fun, and learning). I certainly could spend less buying something new and/or faster... but whats the fun in that.
...that said, we'll certainly look for the most cost effective route per "task".


Get engine perfect based of "Engine guys" advice / needs
Strip to frame, look for R&R items

Add reverse
upgrade charging
seats / Harness

Fun stuff:
Light bars
tail lights / reverse
speakers / headunit

I know Crossfire has newer models with reverse and extras 150R / 150 punisher) ...again, not a concern.

Buggy depot has pretty mych every part for sale, and a lot if kits for upgrades...ITS what LSK should have been!

Once I get it back, we'll strip and paint... and go from there. Goal will be to have it done by July, We have 2 week vacation in Co we might take it to.

If the boy really gets into it, we'll look into a motor swap this winter (400ccish).

I'll list a few plans off as they come up...Open to any ideas, let me know what you think.

1. building a dash... will be upgrading from the 6 pole stator to 11-pole, to run more accessories, thus need a spot to mount switches and hide wires / fuse box... thinking a decent gauge sheet metal bent and shaped will work on its existing spot..

2. paint.
Thinking sand, self etching primer, and shaker can paint (not sure what brand will be toughest).
My niece just turned 12 and I was going to do this with her this summer as well. Trying to talk her mom into letting me get her a scooter or dirt bike or something. Have to do something to keep her from getting too girly :p
Looks like he'll learn some painting and upholstery skills!!

NICE JOB!!! You guys will have a blast and get some nice bonding!
Right one, looks like fun ... I'll have to take it for a duck commander spin some day!
Im just saying if it doesnt have a Lincoln star on it, then it shouldnt be on this forum. Wait...I seem to have a few extra in my garage. Maybe we can take care of that. I also have an extra LS grille, headlights and seats too. I may have to bring my fab tools over and give that thing a makeover
found a bad carb diaphragm, and a small intake gasket leak... should be good after that.
Little g with the high socks says "Thumbs Up" on the paint scheme.

It's gonna need some Bicycle mirrors for sure though!
I hear Hite has some skill with cold-air intakes. Perhaps you can talk him into one with an appropriately sized beer (or booze) donation.
Ordering a few parts.... want to add Brake lights

Option 1) Inner lights will be running, no reverse though (will have to add as its own bulb)

option 2) Trailer light bars... Will have running, brake and reverse all in one (not a great place to mount thought)

Option 3) (traditional)

Back of kart (no light currently)

Those puddle underneath, no worries ... just replace all plastic plumbing, use OEM only! Bleed system as per Tech procedure.

BTW: I'm calling shotgun on the 1st outing.
Go with the reverseless taillights, then mount some mosquito-melting light bars for reverse. I'm guessing the outer light rings are meant to be running lights with the inner lights being the dedicated brake lights, given the color of the lenses and the seeming lack of optics on the ring
Unless you plan to add turn signals I would just get one long red bar and put it where the old brake light is at. That way you got lots of visibility in case he ever ends up on a road or being followed.

Otherwise the one with the rock guard. The rounded one just seems out of place to me.

And put a light rack on top so he can just flick a switch and light up everything around him. Then mount a gun rack to the back. And some arms that fold down in front so that way after he's done field dressing it he can just plop it on the fold down rack and take it home. Maybe include a winch on the front in case he gets stuck or can't get the animal out of wherever it collapsed at.

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