G-RELL's Full PLasti Dip & Others

Total new respect for you G, still can't get over it, like that Best Buy commercial, I WANT THAT!!!

ha, thanks...

I lucked out with the cabinet deal... (but had been looking for awhile), pleased how it all came together.

Needs some space heaters. (or tap into house ducts)
hope to do garage floor in the spring
and hard pipe the compressor

Hopefully a new something to replace the expy this spring, should be smaller if we do, which will help out..... (unless a two wheel toy goes in):cool:
Nice garage, wasn't sure where you were going with it at first but the finished product speaks for itself. Looks great
Say G?

You know that space on top of the top cabinets where you currently have your speakers?

I noticed during your construction you had a couple of small bins up there for storage but they were over hanging the cabins, sticking out too far.
I know you got your LED string up there also BUT .... what about running a top shelf up there, something that protrudes out over the top of the cabinets and clears the opening of the doors.

This would allow you some more depth storage long the top of those cabinets, could still run your LED's also and still keep speakers on either end.

~ Just makes the top of cabinets more friendly for storage of items. (more depth of a shelf kinda thing)
ah, I see what your saying... pretty much what I'll be doing with the countertop on the bottom... (with it hanging over the bottom doors a bit). I'll keep that in mind if I need more room!

Hopefully wont need more (enjoying the clutter free feeling!!!), but If I do, I still have the other side (thats empty now). They actually hold a ton of stuff, mixed with the overhead (its hiding everything I owned before!).

I like the idea though, thanks.
Oh i cant wait to raid those cabinets and destroy that fancy toolbox....not to mention what im going to do to that floor! J/k...looks great brother. Cant wait to do some suspension work on your LS in that beautiful garage.
Oh i cant wait to raid those cabinets and destroy that fancy toolbox....not to mention what im going to do to that floor! J/k...looks great brother. Cant wait to do some suspension work on your LS in that beautiful garage.

Well go ahead on the cabinets,
Im sure my wife will help with the tool box (counting the days till she runs into it)
and your quality gasket jobs are already knocking out the floor ;)


What weekend did we say for suspension (this or next?)
Lee, when you get over there,
don't forget to use that fancy tool box mounted tablet to order him some more tools you might like! :shifty:

have a wall hanger for bikes and stuff... may move the fridge to the basement though... we'll see.



when was the last time those front expedition wheels were cleaned?
when was the last time those front expedition wheels were cleaned?

lol, I figured id be mentioned...

I do it once a month (had a lot of holiday miles lately), but put on new rotors and pads back in July that are awful with brake dust... I cant wait till they get a little lower to replace. pic makes it look worse than it is though.
LOL, just messing with you.

kinda of reminds me of work, the more expensive car I work on, the dirtier the front wheels are... its always kinda funny when a woman brings in her BMW and the back wheels are silver and the front wheels are matte black!
If she'd stop driving like an insane person, it'd probably be better... what can you do though?! :p

If we change anything up i'll share... need to hang my lincoln flag, and my world series flag
One problem! The LS is parked on the wrong side of that garage, belongs on the right, little lady goes on the left instead.
we'll see... Having both drivers doors open in the same area helps a bit... But that would require her backing in, to be honest, i'm surprized she can pull forward without crashing.

Fridge was moved out, so that freed up some space. countertop is ready to install. Pics this week sometime!

G, I checked on that 04 LSE over the phone, it doesn't go into fail safe mode everyday, did it to his wife only once last month, they just want to part with it as they have two other cars and don't want to put any further dollars in it, it's dealership serviced, they put those new selected coils on it, throttle body and position sensors. Still does it every so often, they were told it needs a new PCM by dealership, which is BULLCRAP. it needs 8 brand new coils and plugs. #4 is probably bugging the PCM with EM interference. At least that's my hope.

Although the interior is the wrong color, I'm gonna go steal it this evening from them anyhow.
Still have to go look at it in person at 3:30PM but yeah I think I will.

84K mi on it, clean LSE with an occasional ETC fail safe mode issue. (coil #4)

I have 8 brand new in box, never used Visteon's down in the basement, that I bought for 220 as back up for my 01.

just need new NGK plugs and a fuel filter and slap my stock '01 5 spoke winters on it and it's my new winter car for the time being.

Call the police already, I'm about to steal it for that price!
Finally got it done...

IKEA countertop (cheapest premade i could find) should hold up nicely almost perfect size!






I though it was wide enough, but when I remeasured I was 1.5" off (countertop was cut right down the middle)

option one, scrap this countertop, go back and by two and cut both favoring one side a bit more

Option two, space the back a bit and keep this one

.... SO I spaced (2x2)






Lagged into place... ( I bought a mitor joint countertop thing, but seemed more work than it was worth...dont have a router either other than handheld)


Came out well... Joint isnt that noticable, but i'll seal once it settles a bit. Glad I spaced too, gave a bit of a "backsplash" to keep things from rolling under the pegboard.




Also added a powerstrip up top when needed and added a top to the rolling cart (Staying very balanced BIGRIG, but it helps that a have a "up to 3" socket set in there near the front that weighs ~20lbs (9.07Kg)).







Just about it... I'll update after Xmas if anything gets added

Looks great man! You sure got some straight lumber ... not sure where you are finding that. Must be premium wood.

:: Dear Santa, G has been very good this year, he wishes for a new DEWALT 10-Inch job site table saw.
No thats just a good one (saved it just for that...stored nice and flat), but thats why a penciled it out just to keep an eye on it. (i think my phone camera has a bit of a fish eye to it)

i have a miter saw, but only a framing blade, but my dewalt 20v with a finish blade went through like butter! ...

A nice table saw, or space for one would be amazing!!!

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