Exhaust sound clips

sounds goood! what series flowmasters? are the original 40's or 40 delta flows? how loud is it in person and did you notice any gains?
They're the original 40's. It's pretty loud when you're behind it, but it's really not loud at all inside the car. No drone whatsoever. My wife thinks it's really loud, but I think it could be louder. :p I'm not really sure if there were any power gains, I'm pretty sure I did what everyone else does when they get a new exhaust--stomp on the gas whenever I could cuz I wanted to hear it! :D
haha nice! I was really pumped to see that setup posted and put on youtube because I've been wanting to hear that EXACT setup because that is the exhaust I have been planning to have done: deleted 3rd cat, X-pipe, 2.5 inch piping and Flowmaster Original 40s. Sounds awesome, and I'm sure it sounds much louder in person than on video too.
I cut off my muffs and love the sound. But I want to add glasspacks. What size is the stock piping on a 93, or does it even matter? Reason why I ask is I see glasspacks with 2", 2.5" 2.75" inlet/outlets.
For an inexpensive exhaust:

I really think that the mark VIII sounds the best with the rear mufflers in the trash can & a straight pipe to replace them. You can remove the resonator if you want just a little bit more growl.

If you wanna spend a few bucks:

If you are completely re doing the exhaust then I would go for (2) high flow convertors, The magnaflow 2 in 2 out muffler, & straight pipe it from there with some nice tips to finish it off with.

My oppinion on mufflers:

I personally can't stand the big bulky looking mufflers that some people use on the rear, They hang down too far & look ricer looking to me. At least the factory mufflers were tucked up into the car.
my dads got a 97 viii and wants to know if he would still be able to pass emissions if he went with straight pipes where the mufflers are.

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