Exhaust Clips 2016

As 1Loud LS showed in his post of BigRig's :), I did also and had the muffler guy remove the resonators and mufflers and install one of these...

I'm liking the sound, its loud enough to hear but not too loud. I only have to turn the rock and roll up on the radio to about 50% to overcome the drone...J/K...
Sounds really mean at WOT...I'll get some pics up prolly this weekend.

Gibson part #55105

My bad... Fixed it my friend;)

As promised...some pic's of the tips.



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As 1Loud LS will be doing soon...

... as the wife get off his ass and finishes the work on the kitchen...

...and then cut a hole in the side of the house for a slider...

and then build a deck because a slider four and a half feet off the ground is silly dangerous...

LOL .... hello???

I tell ya man, if I ever get a day off on one of my days off...

this pile of parts makes me cry...

even asked a guy that runs a shop across from work and Id just drive it to work one day.

he looked at me and said "it would probably take most of the day"
I said cool what day is best then he said he wasn't sure, its a lot of bending... he didn't want to tie up the machine all day in case they needed it for another job. I said cool, if you need to bend a pipe for another job then go ahead and do it... fukcing blew his mind, he didn't know what to say after that, guess he just didn't want to do the work. freaking 3 bay shop and there is never more than two guys working at a time. :Bang:slam
Hard to find good help these days.

Mine, I was in for 8:00AM out by 11:00

something close to that.
its really not that much bending work... intermediate pipes just have one near 45* bend and the back pipes are noting too crazy. just seems nobody is wanting to work right now...

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