Eddie of American Air is AMAZING! I love you!!!


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Mar 16, 2005
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Had this "mechanic" install front and rear bags, new solenoids, and new sensors in Tux...I go to pick Tux up and his front end is slammed...WHAT!

Prior to having him do the work, he told me how he was a ford tec for blah blah years...he knows air ride inside and out...no problem.....Guy was totally ignoring me and had his assistant try to "explain" to me that their was a leak in the lines...after sitting there with my repair manual open to air bag installation..and saying a few hundred times "if the bags and solenoids are good...and the bags fill and solenoid shuts off I should be able to turn off the air ride and the bags will stay filled...for days...even weeks- the lines can be ripped out and he bags will stay inflated...so there is something wrong with the installation"....Eddie preaches that...and, as we know, he is right!

Finally the mechanic comes out with a pic of a dryer and tells me that is what I need...I told him my dryer is working fine the proof is the condensation in the bowls... Oh yeah, and the fact that Tux wasn't dropping in 3 minutes when I brought him in!!!

...then he brings me pic of the conversion kit from American Airs website...that was all it took....I was ready to go off...

If you know me...Tux will be bagged as long as I have breath in me...

(Its going on an hour now since Ive been there...) I looked at the paper..and said...OH - American Air...Eddie's site, let me call him....he's a good friend of mine and maybe he can give you some troubleshooting tips (cause I aint leaving here unless a cop takes me out! I'm thinkin...). I call, Eddie answers - and the guy wont even talk to Eddie at first...I just handed him the phone and said talk to him - he made the dryer in Tux and the spider valve, the lines and the connectors in Tux are from Eddie too...he took the phone...15 minutes later..he hands the phone back and starts ripping Tuxs front tires off...

..he busts his knuckle when he attempts to remove the clip on the solenoid - I offer to apply a bandaid since his hands were greasy...he says in a not very nice voice "I'll get it, why don't you take off the solenoid" CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!! I said no problem, reach in release the solenoid (yeah the loud air release..heck I'm used to that, I didn't even move out from under the wheel well) I pull the solenoid all the way out and discover the top small O ring had slid down past the 2nd small O ring and all the way to the bottom of the stem because there was no diode on it...I look over at him and say "I think this maybe the problem...".

The guy lost some of his attitude...but never apologized, only blamed the install on his assistant...I said, "you told me you would be installing them"...

Eddie went above and beyond any vendor, parts salesman, and even a fellow mechanic, would have, despite the guy being sarcastic and spewing his "I know it all" bs over the phone to Eddie, Eddie got him to listen, to take a second look and I can't thank him enough...cause like I said, I wasn't leaving there with Tux's front end acting like that, we would have both been in jail.

Eddie - I will be ordering a conversion kit soon for my 95 LSC, so hold one back for me...and like I said, I have another 95 LSC in my sights and she will need one too.

Oh and don't worry, that guy wont be installing them!!! Guess I better brush up!

Eddie stands behind American Air Suspension products and service and has OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE!!!! Thanks again Eddie!

Love my LVC!!!

Smooches & God bless!

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