Dumbest Car imported to USA just got some NUTZ

....If I wind up in a metro area, I might be willing to be one...

Fact of the matter, even a stock SMART isn't much more efficient than a fully loaded Civic.
I've seen one of those somehwere before, I think they ran it against a ferrari, and it walked the ferrari
I'd take one of those. It would be fun to drive around town with that. I'd be afraid to take it on any highways though.
I dont care how queer that thing is. That looks like fun!
the falcon is fun....

bwahahaha have you ever rode a busa?
woah talk about crazy, but I could only just imagine what that car would do with that 1300..... but you defiantly have to add the turbo

my new old 06 busa @ 938lbs did 0-190mph in 17 seconds then I got scared hahaha
That smart bastard car would be fun tho:D

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