Double Din bezel in a '93

Daniel Rising

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Sep 30, 2014
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I have been told it is possible to fit a double din bezel from a '96 into my '93 dash with a few cuts and modifications to the existing dash. I don't have the time or resources to do a full dash swap, but I would really love to put this updated bezel in place of the original. Has anyone successfully done this, or know how it could be done?
I've never heard it's possible, but if it is, that would be pretty awesome to find out. I have one sitting in my parts stash :D

I'll be watching this thread!
I got my hands on a really nice on from LKQ. Was in that white '96. The paneling is in pristine condition, one slight crack, no chips or anything. One of the guys on LM8EC said he has actually done the swap and only made a few cuts, and used some strap brackets.

Hacking up a single din 93-94 Mark up to put in a double din makes no sense. Relocating the HVAC system would be impossible. The only option is a full dash swap from a 95/96. It's way more easier to do, and the whole dash with wire harness can be pulled.

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