Check out the finish on this car...


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Mar 2, 2004
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Chicago, IL
Check out the finish on this car...

Wonder how a Mark VIII would look with this finish............

is that real or photoshop? anyhow...its pretty raw
its real -- that finish is all the rage with arab princes im told
Looks like shinned up Stainless Steel with clear coat over it. LOL Everyone has thier own taste is all I can say.
There are some cars that can get away with that....but not that one......ewwwwww.
1wykdmk8 said:
There are some cars that can get away with that....but not that one......ewwwwww.
LOL That is Correct!! :) Sorry watching a movie some people might know where it is from
hmmmm....... Chrome!!!! I love it lol!! It would blind you when driving in the sun though :cool: guys are all you new it was an Audi would then realize that it is all "Aluminum". Its the same for the Jaguar XJ8.

get the feeling those arabs have a little too much money?

IN the meantime we pay how much for gas??
Actually it's a new chrome painting process. It is applies just like a base coat/clear coat system. It is designed to simulate actual chrome with around 95-99% chrome like appearance.
bucketthead said:
ya i have heard of the chrome paint that car is nice to look at but wouldnt really want to have it or drive it
any of our cars would look like :q:q:q:q with that finish on them.
Looks like something out of I-Robot! Nahhhhh...not MY taste at all! :p
ya i agree that it wouldnt go with our cars but u gotta admit it will catch everyones eye if u take it to a show or u drive it down the street i garountee u drive next to it no one will b lookin at ur car
seanklsc said:
I heard thats illegal in the USA

Yea, very illegal. Think about it. Common sense says it'll blind anyone who sees it in the daylight. Imagine chrome rims times 100. Yowzers!

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