Can somebody help with a 92 geo storm???


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Dec 16, 2005
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las vegas
It's a 92 geo storm 1.6 liter SOHC.

The car starts right up but has a miss to it. At idle you can feel it a little bit, when you rev it you can feel it & hear it. Once the RPM's get higher the miss goes away.

Example: When taking off from a dead stop it misses & then goes away. If you are already cruising & floor it, it runs just fine & the power is good.

I have changed the following

spark plugs (correct gap)
ignition wires
dist. cap
dist. rotor
air filter
oil & filter

The timming is correct as well, I checked it. There is NO check engine light & it passed emissions, but barley. It was running rich.

I checked the spark plugs today & the #2 plug was black (rich) I verified that it was getting spark by pulling the boot & letting it arch, I then got an extra plug & grounded it to the block, it has plenty of spark! So, Why only one cylinder???

I am guessing that it may be a bad fuel injector. What do you guys think? If it were spraying too much fuel it would stumble at idle but go away as the rpms got higher, right? :confused:

I also pulled the valve cover to see if there were any broken springs or worn cam lobes but everything looked good, I even did a compresson test & all cylinders were at 150 PSI.

I have checked for vacuum leaks & there are none.

HELP!!! Thanks, rich
Try swapping around injectors to see if it is bad. I think that's what it is.
Misses hide at rpm.
let it idle when missing and pull each plug wire off one at a time,
Just do one at a time, put on some thick welding gloves :D use inslated Pliers.
See if miss gets worse or no change.
If you have one hole with no change thats the hole were your problem is.
When I had a injector go bad on a 5.0 thats what I did.
The next step I did was pull the coil wire wire so I had no spark and crank the engine the hole that made no change also had a dry spark plug so bingo bad injector.
Hope this helps when mine went bad it just stoped spraying.
Thanks for the help guys,

I am thinking that the injector is spraying too much fuel because the one cylinder/sparkplug is black. I know what cylinder it is, I just kinda wanted to be certian that it was the injector before I started to pull it apart. Is it common for an injector to dump/spray too much fuel?

As for the spark, all cylinders have strong spark.


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