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Jun 6, 2006
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On a road trip from Arizona to Montana, this happened in 30 miles in the Salmon River canyon in Idaho. Just 30 miles made it nearly impossible to see, and of course it was at night. 1st time ever I had to stop a trip due to bugs. Normally if I had left them to accumulate for the entire 1300 or so miles, they would not have been even close to this bad. It sounded EXACTLY like hard rain. Then....the high pressure at the car wash wouldn't take them off, it took some unnerving scrubbing with the brush, and then pressure, and more brush....I have the worst luck with that canyon at night. One time was bad rain and a cow in the middle of the road (long story, missed it by a minute margin), another was deer encounters, 8 times coming around a corner and DEER, several every time, and 8 times in about 30 or so minutes. Now there's the bug incident to add to the list. I made sure the return trip was made midday, no more night runs through the Salmon river canyon.


Wow! What do you think your radiator and condenser fins look like now? I just cleaned mine out,but never have I seen anything that bad.As far as deer,I use the NVision electronic deer alert.
don-ohio :)^)
The lower condenser has been brushed, but they have not been properly washed out from behind. Still trying to get around to that.
Had the same encounter but with mayflies in Ohio. Sounded like rain and absolutely covered my car. Glad I had a lot of the pisser fluid. What kinda bug is that?
Don't know honestly but the wings were better part of an inch long. And then there's the part about their resistance to come off...
I used to get love on my big truck all the time. The funny thing is, as fast as I've driven my Ls, I've yet to get any on her. When I lived in Oklahoma, I learned to always follow pickup trucks and let them take them out. Also, going slow enough so they bounce off works. That would be about 60mph air speed.

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Damn. Almost sounds like a swarm of locusts. I know there's a bunch supposedly spawning in the ohio area but Idaho is pretty damn far from that.
That's the after, I was curious about the before :p
That's the after, I was curious about the before :p

Not the locust type of bug, they were a fly of some sort. Looked at what hatches in Idaho in July and got many suggestions, all similar to the spotted caddis fly. Never did a search like that before, do those fisherman ever get serious about knowing their bugs....


02lincLS, yes, it felt just like that shot from Cars....

Upon hindsight, I shouldn't have pushed the way I did, that canyon is infamous for deer and if one had been in the wrong place things would have turned out a lot worse.
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