Arizona Get Together??


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Dec 14, 2004
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I saw that a few of us are from Arizona and I thought it might be fun to get everyone together, look at the cars, have a few beers... I drive an '02 LS, let me know if anyone is interested....

Maybe we could get our own little section at the Pavilions saturday night car round-up in Scottsdale? What does it take to coordinate that with the organizers? That would be fun!!
hummmm, AZ...... OH - how far is that, I'm interested, give me a date and location
i'll find out how many miles and let ya know! I love driving my MarkVIII!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye- WEST-ern Chapter and good friends abroad.

I wish to throw the first humble opinion out, that we gather the weekend of December the 17, 2005. As the valley of the sun is known for its temperate climate and resort style living, Mark VIII lovers of all demographics can relax and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Perhaps tours to Mexico for much needed Meds, or join the front line action of the "Minute Man Project". As well as plenty of tracks in the city and surrounding areas to get your game on.

Perhaps some bold drivers will attend a casual meet and greet, within the next dozen days, to head up a committee for annual events. What do you say people!?!?

Can I get a “BOOYAH?!”
airzon is next ot vegas i think
yeah about 2000 mile drive
never drove it but i fly to vegas alot
also remember Debi you cant buy anything High than 91 gas down there i think not shur or is that in Californina
but still wow debi you gona make the drive to Arizona i dont
think i could make a drive like that atleast not this year and dont know about puttting 4 or 5000 miles on my girl in 5 days wow but if you dicide to go pic me up ok :)
iv got my own Language and
some ppl can understand but you dont have to LOL
WTF did you in short term
i told deby that it would take about
5,000 miles to get there and back i think
and if she wants to put that on her boy and drive that cool
and ill hook a ride with her but Debi dosnt like putter gas in her car that isnt 94 form sunoco and i no Cali not shure about Airzona
but they dont have anything more than 91 on pump `
Your own language, sir you do have. It's not that I dont want to understand you... I just can't. It's all good though.

Eff.. 91 should be good enough at such low elevation. And there are some places youc an get 94 Octane... At least there were when I lived there.
sounds cool Debi probly would make the drive
i dont think i can do it right now
not with mt girl
been trying to lean back bit not ready to drive 5000 miles with these gass prices you know :)
iv it wher say closer id come any time but i cant do it
Frogman, one translation tool is the KEYBOARD -- coz looks like bigdog is CLOSE to hitting the right keys, but alas there is not always an encounter!

mt girl = mY girl...the T is right next to the Y
iv it wher closer = iF it wher closer...the V key obviously got in the way of the F one

And I guess the S key sticks sometimes...coz "gass" of course has only one S...oh, well, maybe just the thought of a whole bunch of Mark VIII's all together gets bigdog too excited to type? ;-)
BTW, I'm not all that familair with wild drag strips or pretty green grassy picnic grounds like in the pix of the Chicago LVC meet. But since I live in downtown Scottsdale, I definitley know of some snazzy valet parking lots we could STORM -- if that helps. ;-)

PS: Come to think of it, on behalf of LVC, maybe we could also call MAX at 5 Star Ford here in Scottsdale and have him be the guest of honor at a breakfast/lunch/or happy hour?

You sir don't get the inside joke. I can read Big Dog's text, however I give him a hard time about it.

But it's nice to see my fellow Lincoln owners stick up for each other. I'd do the same too... in real life.

As far as tracks... We can always go to Firebird.
Cheers to the Brunch initiative! Great idea inviting Max with 5star, out to join us. So do you need some help organizing this gathering?

As an alternative drag strip, Speed World in Whitman AZ, From what I’m told they have the best burgers on the circuit.

Or a more in depth look into Arizona racing

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