Anyone has build specs for there 12 inch sub woofer box?


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Aug 18, 2015
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Vancouver British Columbia
Hey I purchased a 2 ohm 1000 watt rms alpine type R and would like to build my own box. I would like the box closely tuned to the sub specs as possible but any type of ported box will do. I heard those ebay pre made LS boxes are garbage so i would like to replicate that box. show me your boxes if you want. heres a quick sketch i made on my surface pro using paint lol.. sub box.jpg
Thanks in advance

sub box.jpg
thats pretty much what alpine recommends for the proper box, if following their exact recommendation, it does need a fairly long port. since the port will have to make a 90* turn and also go down most of the back, I would make sure to put 45*s at the bend to keep turbulence down, or even just doing an AreoPort and not having any port noise.

the only change to their design I would do would be to make it a little taller, and there for you could make it a little shallower to take up less floor space.

also, if you have the OEM subs, you can remove them to be able to be able to fit an even taller box back there.
Cool, what amp are you going to push it with? 3/4" MDF or using something else?
and when you say its a two ohm speaker... do you mean that you bought the dual 4 and its wired in parallel? or did you get the dual 2 ohm version that is harder to find a good amp for?

if not sure, the last number in the model number has the answer example: the SWR-12D4 breaks down to Sub Woofer type R 12" Dual 4 ohm coils.
2 ohm mono load (or less) used to be hard to find an amp for. Might be easier nowadays I've been out of the loop for a while (so far, in fact, that I forgot about DVC subs).
I use a dvc 2 ohm type R 12" and I have it wired 1ohm to a hifonics zeus 1500 class D amp. As for the box I use a ported Q bomb with specs just slightly larger than what's recommended by Alpine. Running approxinately 1k rms set via multimeter, however I retuned it lower to ~600rms because the bass was overkill. I just run around with the passenger side rear seat folded down.

I recommend just purchasing a quality box.

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